Showfor Inc. is a veteran owned and operated business and has been in the merchandising and product sale business since 2003 and is determined to provide a retailer-supplier relationship that is personal and built on trust. As a retailer, there shouldn’t really be any debate about the importance of a good Merchandising Strategies. Besides attracting customers, good merchandising can increase traffic, increase sales, and increase brand loyalty.

Selling a product doesn't have to be complicated. At its most basic level, Showfor’s product sales program is defined by what you sell, who you sell it to and how you sell it. Even more so, sales involves staying focused on the details of the product and customers.

At Showfor, our mission is to increase public awareness and revolutionize merchandising and product sales by promoting and supporting responsible merchandising strategies. Making sure the products are useful and look appealing is key to effective merchandising, which will yield, higher sales, faster inventory turnover, more satisfied customers, and Increased customer loyalty.

The Winners Bank200 is also on:
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Showfor, Inc. offers a quantity discount incentive on Winners Bank200 purchases: 10, 20, 30, 40, 50 or more banks, so that you may resale the Winners Bank200 or give them as gifts.